The client sends you an image of a golf course to use in a print ad. Half the grass is dead and brown, there's a maintenance truck on the greens and a row of power poles in the background. The sky is dull and gray, plus you need an extra two inches added to the top. And this has to go to the publication tomorrow!

Sound familiar? This is what it's like in the real world, and it's the kind of work we thrive on. Our typical project is not flashy or glamorous, it just needs to be done. Fast, invisible and within-budget.

Why choose SEP Studios Retouching?

• Our focus is you: If you are an independent designer or photographer, or art director for an ad agency or publisher, you're our kind of people. We understand the needs of creative professionals, because we've worked with them for decades.

• Top talent only: Photoshop is our full-time job. No weekend warriors, wannabes or entry-level retouchers here. Only an experienced professional will work on your job.

• Happy endings: Confused about sending files to an offset or digital printer? We've been doing print production since the pre-computer days. If you need a little hand-holding through the printing process, we're here to help.

Contact us for your next Photoshop project!